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We provide personalised, customised travel experiences and company trips. Our speciality is the amazing Italy, but we also offer travel experiences all over the world. As a tour operator, our priority is providing great value for the customer on professionally organised trips that are a world away from mass tourism. Vacanza In is perfect for people who want their holiday to be something more than what an ordinary tour operator can offer. Our experience and extensive network of contacts mean that we can offer comfortable and exciting travel options – and take you on unforgettable journeys.

... or Paris, London or Madrid

We turn your travel dreams into unique travel experiences all over the world.

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We value each and every one of our customers, which is why we want to invite you to become a Vacanza In Traveller!

We offer a unique service, and our top priority is providing great value for our customers.

Whether your trip is an anniversary celebration, company trip or travel for its own sake, it is you who decide your holiday itinerary. We will make sure that your trip is an unforgettable experience for you and your companions.


This is one of the most important events in your life, and it should give you unforgettable memories. We can help you plan your wedding anywhere in the world.

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Villa/house rental

Would you like your trip to include the privacy of a rented villa or house? We can take care of the rental arrangements in bustling city centres or quiet rural areas.

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Company trips

Would you like to reward your employees for good service, provide extra motivation or just surprise them? We can offer you everything from hotels, villas, and suggested activities all over the world.

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Car rental and boat charters

We also organise car rental, from family cars to luxury and classic cars, and boat charters.

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